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Teens and the Holidays

Are your teenagers acting like they are too old for your holiday traditions? Are you met with sighs and eye rolls when you mention holiday lights and gingerbread houses? Traditions are important for our sense of belonging. Maybe it is a time for an update…

  • Think outside the box. What if, instead of expensive gifts, you opted for a funny white elephant exchange? Or no holiday wrapping paper – it will be homemade paper instead this year (comics, anyone?). Or, everyone writes a funny poem about the family and shares it. Get creative!
  • Change the menu. What if you opted out of hours in the kitchen and opted in for a homemade pizza-making holiday dinner? Or chili with all the fixings? If you like spending time in the kitchen, use it making yummy desserts.
  • Get it together, piece by piece. This is a fun tradition: everyone gathered around the table with hot chocolate, putting together a 1,000 piece puzzle. If you are like my family, it might take a week, but the process is so fun! What an accomplishment when it’s done. Not puzzle fans? What about a game of Sorry or Monopoly? Some board games might take a week as well!
  • Widening the circle. How about a tradition that includes new peeps? What if you invite all her friends over for a holiday party, along with yours? Not up for a full-blown party? How about just hot chocolate and donuts?
  • Getting competitive. Some teens love to be competitive. A game of touch football (channel your inner Kennedy), Frisbee golf, ladder golf (our family favorite), a bike ride, family 5k or even a video game (I can’t believe I just encouraged that, but it could work).

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