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Increase the Harmony with Your Daughter

Are you tired of feeling like a nag? Reduce the power struggles by:

  1. Zipping it. Ask yourself, how important is this to me? Is this something I could let go of? Could I save my breath for something that is a bigger deal to me? If so, zip it. I say that with love. 
  2. Asking her for the solution. When you are about to utter one of the phrases above, think about whether what you are going to say will bring you closer together. Or, will it bring you further apart? Can you encourage her to reflect by asking her a question and waiting for her answer? Rather than tell her what to do, allow her to suggest a fix to the problem. That’s empowering!
  3. Managing your own feelings. Try not to project how you felt as a child onto your daughter nor set rules or expectations based on your own past. Look at who your daughter is now and how she handles herself. You have probably raised a kind, responsible and (mostly) level-headed young woman. Operate from that position.

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