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Help Your Daughter Gain Some Peace

I’d like to speak about serenity. Who could use more? I could! As a parent life can seem crazy busy. The girls I work with certainly echo this sentiment – not enough sleep, too much homework, not enough time for friends or to just hang out. How can you be a calming presence? How can you teach your daughters serenity in a fast paced world?

  • Remind her with your words: “I see that you feel angry/betrayed/lonely/sad and I know that you will be okay. I know that you will make it thru this.” It is calming to be seen, heard and supported.
  • Slow, deep belly breathing: a super simple technique that instantly creates a calm feeling and can be done without anyone knowing you are doing it (i.e., in algebra class).
  • Moment of silence: Taking one, five or 10 minutes – whatever you can manage – of quiet by turning off the cell phone, computer and/or TV; closing your eyes and feeling yourself in your body. Letting whatever comes up, come up. Connecting to yourself. Giving yourself a moment of peace. Next time she asks you to run her somewhere, role model this by telling her that you need to take your moment of silence before you do that.

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