How to Connect With Your Daughter

Online Workshop


Have you had moments where you didn’t feel connected to your daughter? You feel her pulling away. You have more and more “crunchy” moments and it doesn’t feel good. 

Would you like to feel more connected than you already are...more laughs, more smiles, more hugs, more ease?

It can be hard to connect with our girls during the time that they are separating from us. During adolescence they begin to confide in us less, spend more time with their peers and less time with their family. 

This online course is packed full of effective strategies to bridge the distance and increase the connection. 

What you will get:

  • New and specific ways that you can feel closer to your daughter
  • Ideas to help her feel loved by you and you by her
  • Tools for sharing and enjoying each other 
  • Fewer moments of disconnection and tension
  • Detailed explanations of the five love languages for teens

Ready to enjoy your daughter even more? This course is for you. 

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