Growing Your Daughter’s Confidence


Many girls do not feel good enough or feel like they don’t measure up when it comes to their looks, academics, athleticism or in their relationships and because of this they hide themselves. That is not okay! In this course, you will learn effective strategies to mitigate this for your daughter and allow her to feel strength and confidence in being herself in the world.

What you will get from this mini-course:

  • Strategies to teach your daughter how to have a voice and speak up
  • Ideas to empower your shy, introverted daughter
  • Ways to increase her assertiveness
  • Ideas on acceptance vs. improvement
  • How to praise her in a way that increases confidence
  • Tools to raise her sense of self and her self-worth

This mini-course will give you a taste of the strategies I have to offer you. Check out my FULL COURSE, Teaching Our Girls to Love Themselvesfor even more information and effective strategies to help your girls grow their self-acceptance and self-love.

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