Video & Audio

Teens and Risk-Taking Behavior

KATU2 abc: Teens and risky behavior often go hand in hand- but why? 

Socially Anxious Teens

KATU2 abc: For teens who are socially anxious, school events and social activities can seem frightening instead of fun. Join us for Barb's advice on how to help socially anxious teens. 

Helping Your Teen Find the Holiday Joy

KATU2 abc: Simple ways that you can help turn your teen's attitude around during the holiday season.

Hold A Successful Family Meeting

KATU2 abc: Tips on how to make your next family meeting a success.

Girls and Friendships

KATU2 abc: Tips on how to help your daughter navigate the sometimes difficult road of girls and relationships.

Parenting Your Teen Daughter

KATU2 abc: Tips on how to navigate the teen years without ruining your relationship with your daughter.

Talking to Your Kids about your Past

KATU2 abcWhat should your answer be when your teen asks you about your own past behavior?


Friday 15 featuring Barb Steinberg, LMSW

MomComLife: Mini version of Barb’s Empowering Your Daughter workshop 

Print & Online

One and the Same 

Blend by LASA: Ideas about teenage fashion conformity in today’s society, pp. 15–17.

5 Ways to Connect With Your Tween / Teen Daughter

BonBon Break: How can we stay connected to our girls as they navigate the often tricky path of adolescence?

This School Year, Let’s Hope Our Girls Fail How to help our girls better deal with failure

35 Free Ways to Enjoy Austin With Your Daughter Before She Graduates

Free Fun in Austin: Ways to enjoy spending time in Austin with the tween/teen girls in your life that don’t break the bank

Prom Time!

Westlake High School Healthy Chaps blog: How to talk to your teen about alcohol and what we tell our coaching clients about drinking

Help Lighten Her Load This School Year

Westlake High School Healthy Chaps: Keeping stress at bay this school year

My Daughter Refuses to Wear a Bra When you struggle with what she is wearing (or not wearing)

Austin’s Teen Girls Can Put a Life Coach in Their Corner

Austin American-Statesman: How a teen life coach helps girls and families

My Teen Doesn’t Have Many Friends What to do if you are worried about your daughter’s friendships

This Valentine’s Day, Help Her Love Her Body

Austin Moms Blog: Ways to help her love herself, both inside and out

What She Wishes You Knew

GENaustin and Alt Ed Austin: What our daughters would tell us about how to parent them during adolescence.

The Developing Teen Brain: An Interview with Barb Steinberg 

GENaustin – Girls Empowerment Network: How the teenage brain develops and what it means for parents

All You Magazine: Feel Great About Your Body

All You Magazine: Barb and Jess Weiner share tips on modeling healthy self-esteem to our girls

What happens when you don’t like her friend?

LiveMom: How to help your daughter deal with toxic friends


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