Lectures & Limits: Talking to Teens


Communicating with adolescents can be challenging! Do you want your child to be kinder and more respectful? Do you want fewer power struggles and more calm and ease in your house? This mini-course is for you!

What you will get from this mini-course:

  • How to stop nagging
  • What lectures do to your relationship and how to reduce lecturing
  • How to curb blaming and shaming your kids
  • How to set your limits, stick to them and get less push back
  • How to instill rules that work
  • How to get your teen to follow through on what you ask of them

This mini-course will give you a taste of the strategies I have to offer you.

Want an even deeper dive? Check out my FULL COURSE, Talking to Teens: Tools for a Happy Household,  for even more information and effective strategies to help you talk in a way that feels good.

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