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The Wisdom of Girls: Teens, Sex & Truth DVD



This unique, all-girl, documentary-style video with real teens, whose sexual experience spans from virginity to teen motherhood, gives the audience a very personal view of the complexities of sex in the lives of teen girls and encouragement to wait until they are ready emotionally.

The girls in the video address the pressures to have sex, the many reasons why girls choose to have sex when they are not ready to, the emotional and physical consequences of that choice, why girls are not practicing safe sex and how to protect their bodies, minds and hearts. The girls in the video explore with the audience how to decide when the “right” time is to have sex and who the “right” person is to share that experience with.

Each section of this video provides a time of reflection through open discussion or written exercise with the goal of self-exploration and concrete steps to act upon.

This evidence-supported DVD makes a difference in the lives of girls. To see statistics click here.

What about the boys?
This DVD is equally relevant for boys. Boys will watch this and be stunned to learn what girls think about with regard to sex. They will have a new appreciation for how their requests and behaviors affect girls emotionally and physically. They will walk away from this information having had the opportunity to be more thoughtful about their own choices around sex.

Intended Audience: middle school, high school and adults (parents and educators)

36 minute DVD
In addition to the DVD, Barb is available to facilitate live, interactive workshops on this topic for adolescent girls, for adults or for girls and adults together. These workshops take Teens, Sex & Truth to another level, as a customized workshop for your group will provide deeper, more relevant insights.

To see a glimpse of the video, click on the clips below. (Please disable any popup blockers )

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