Glynnis Doucette

Teen Life Coach

For as long as she can remember Glynnis has had the desire to support people. After having her daughter her focus shifted to helping girls navigate the unprecedented times we now live in. She has a BA in psychology, is a certified Optimize Coach, and is a California state-certified Advocacy Counselor with BAWAR, supporting women of all ages who have experienced sexual trauma.

Glynnis believes every girl has the answers within themselves to find happiness and comfort in their skin and achieve their current and future dreams. By providing girls with unconditional support and a safe space to share, she leads her clients to a place of empowerment where they begin to trust their inner voice and make choices that align with their values.

The passion and enthusiasm she has for her work combined with her authenticity and relatability set the tone for the relationships she develops with her clients. She strives to be an empathetic listener and when needed, an honest and direct advisor.

Glynnis lives with her husband and daughter and two dogs in San Francisco. She enjoys family hikes, biking, camping, and almost any activity which allows her to enjoy the beautiful outdoors surrounding the Bay Area. Travel has always been a passion of hers and she has been fortunate to have lived in London, Paris, and the Middle East. Her daughter and husband luckily share the same love of adventure so together they continue to explore the world.

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