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Girls’ Friendships 101: Everything Parents Need to Know

This friendship series is a compilation of all of my work with tween and teen girls and their parents over the last 30 years on friendships. In these 10 modules, I have answered every question I have been asked regarding girls’ friendships over the last 30 years. It’s a lot! 

This will cover everything from why girls stay in unhealthy friendships, frenemies, break ups, triangles, getting dumped by friends, being left out, conflict, standing up for yourself, bullying, popularity, phones/social media, friends making risky choices, setting limits/boundaries with friends and much more. 

These modules are not chronological or built on one another. They each cover separate information with little to no repetition. In each module, I offer specific ways of responding to your daughter and specific tools on how to handle all kinds of friendship concerns. After this course you will feel prepared to help your daughter navigate through any friendship issue.

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