Girls & Alcohol

It’s time for prom and graduation/end of school parties, and that means that your daughter may get in a situation where she is around alcohol.

Although 10% of parents believe their teens drank alcohol in the past year, the truth is that 28% of 8th graders and 68% of high school seniors drink. What’s a parent to do? SAMSA recommends toTalk. They Hear You.”, with the following goals in mind:
Voice your Values. Over 80% of kids 10-18 say parents have the biggest impact on their decision on whether to drink, so decide upon your family values and communicate your expectations to her.

  • Show you care. Keep calm and neutral while stressing the short-term consequences on your child’s growing brain, social standing and academic performance.
  • Show you are informed. Teach her about alcohol and how it effects her growing body. Read below for some good info to share with her.
  • Help her resist peer pressure. Agree on a word or phrase she can use to have you pick her up, no questions asked. Come up with 5 excuses she can use to refuse a drink.

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