Teen Girls: Perfectionism and Anxiety

 Wednesday, Oct 11th

6:30 - 8:00 pm CST

Virtual Parent Workshop

High achieving. Striving to be better. Hard on herself. Does that sound like your daughter? The push for perfection is stronger than it’s ever been, from the drive to be flawless in school, on the field, or in relationships with peers and adults to their carefully curated online lives.

38% of teen girls have an anxiety disorder.

Living in a state of perfectionism – the need to strive, perform, and achieve – doesn’t feel good. It can lead to increased feelings of sadness, loneliness, anxiety and depression, and chronic fear of embarrassment or being overly cautious. This notion of wanting to be perfect can come from our girls’ self-talk or can come from perceived expectations of others. Our girls are not immune from this…not by a long shot.

What we will cover: 

  • What is causing the rise in stress and anxiety in our teen girls?
  • What is driving perfectionism in our girls?
  • What are the consequences of chronic anxiety and perfectionism?
  • Strategies to reduce her need to be perfect
  • Specific effective tactics to manage and lessen her anxiety
  • How to bring more ease and joy into her life

Who is this for?

This workshop is for parents that are worried about their daughters’ anxiety levels and their consistent stress and worry. It is for parents that want to:

  • Help their girls struggle less with the demands placed on them (both internal and external)
  • Learn tools to help their daughters navigate the expectations of their lives
  • Aid their daughters in finding more inner peace and self-compassion

 Workshop Details:

We’ll meet over Zoom. You will be sent a link to the workshop in a follow-up email after you register. Please check your spam folder for this email. We recommend you bring a journal for taking notes.

*Can’t attend on this date? No worries! With your registration, you will receive a recording of the workshop.


Barb will share her wisdom on girls’ struggle with perfectionism and anxiety from her over 30 years of experience working with teens. There will be plenty of time for both learning and sharing. Bring your questions! Expect to leave with concrete strategies to improve your daughter’s sense of self, her self-compassion, and lower her daily anxiety levels.

Cost & Registration: 


*Can’t attend on this date? You’re in luck. With your registration, you will receive a recording of the workshop.

Additional parenting support that you will receive with your registration includes:

  • A recording of the workshop - available for seven days after the workshop.
  • An e-copy of Barb’s eBook, Saving Our Girls from Perfectionism
  • An e-copy of Barb’s eBook: Eight Ways to Help Your Daughter Grow in Confidence
  • Reference your attendance at this retreat to get a $20 discount on a one-on-one individualized parent coaching session scheduled before October 13th (you don’t need to attend before October 13th, only schedule).

Never done a program with Barb?

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 Can’t make it?

About Barb

Barb Steinberg is a tween/teen girl expert, parent coach, teen life coach, and speaker on parenting girls who transform the lives of adolescent girls and the adults who care about them. Both girls and adults find her extremely easy to relate to, open, warm, and funny. Barb is gifted at balancing emotion and intellect and serving as a catalyst for long-lasting change.

Barb is a licensed, masters-level social worker and certified teen life coach with over 30 years of experience working with thousands of teens. Barb is also a certified Teen Wisdom, Inc teen life coach as well as a certified Emotion Code Practitioner.

Barb is the proud mama to one son, Jack, (go figure!), and a lucky wife to Jeff. When she’s not spending time with her family or working to launch a new generation of confident, happy young women, Barb loves to explore Austin’s latest restaurants, see the newest movies, hunker down with a good book and plan vacations to faraway places.

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