Spring Workshops

Support for Parents of Girls

Teens & Risks: Drugs, Alcohol & Sex

Friday, Feb. 10th (IN-PERSON)

Teens are wired for novelty and risk. This is usually one part of parenting that causes the most fear. How can we allow them the necessary freedom to explore their independence while educating them on their choices and increasing their safety? That is what this workshop is all about.

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Perfectionism and Anxiety

Friday, March 3rd (IN-PERSON)

High achieving. Striving to be better. Hard on herself. Anxious. Does that sound like your daughter? The push for perfection is stronger than it’s ever been. This workshop is for parents that are worried about their daughters’ anxiety levels and their consistent stress to be perfect.

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Girls' Friendships: Groups, Gossip & Gaslighting

Friday, Mar 24th (VIRTUAL)

Girls' friendships are tricky and ever-changing. Being her parent, you either hear about the roller coaster ride of emotions or you experience the brunt of her hurt. In this workshop, you will walk away with specific strategies to help your daughter have the social life she wants.

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The Do's and Don'ts of Communicating with Your Teen

Friday, April 7th (IN-PERSON)

Everything I say is wrong. Every conversation ends up in a power struggle. I want to be able to talk and connect. Have you said similar and statements? If so, this workshop is for you! This workshop will give you effective strategies to communicate peacefully and build the relationship you want.

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